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We create useful tools for frequent flyers and expats.

Most of our tools are apps for desktop or mobile phones. We also produce a blog full of useful information for the frequent flyer or expat of the 21s century.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1We understand, because we are frequent flyers and expats
  • 2Our team is part of the Windows 8 Elite program
  • 3We have over 1000 downloads in the app stores for our flagship product FinnGo

Our Team

Daniel Downing - Co-Founder and CTO

Dan has 14 years experience with Accenture in complex strategy, transformation and technical delivery programs. Currently focusing on the mobile banking and app markets.

Will - Wingman

Every city you go to, Will knows all the good places to go and will be your friend to your wingman - whatever is needed.

Jessie - Running free

There is no place where Jessi has not jogged. She has great tips for keeping fit in remote locations.

Arto - Airport Junkie

Arto knows every airport inside and out - his knowledge of runways comes from a misspent youth of Microsoft Simulator.

our work


Right now we are focussed on building our app portfolio - especially on Windows phone and 8.

App Consultant

We have good experience of writing apps for multi-platform in native languages.

Program Management

Our Co-Founder is available to help you with your startup or enterprise programme.

Mobile Banking

Customers since 2001 include 4 banks (1 Finnish, 1 Australian, 2 UK).

Quality Control

We have extensive experience in enterprise and startup environments and can help you identify where to improve your business.

Wordpress and SEO

We have good and real experience with SEO on the WordPress platform.

Online Support

We use zendesk for our support systems.

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Please contact us today for more information.
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