Blogging Reloaded

Just found out I have been doing this all wrong… For the past 8 months I have earned very little cash. However I just changed my theme to the HeatMap Adsense Theme and doubled my revenue in 1 day!? I found the theme via

The site listed the following themes as being the top ones for CTR: Heatmap reloaded, GlamoSense, Clearness, Mono Sense, Blue Sense, Ads Minded, Blix, Pro Sense, Adsense Theme, Connections. However, what confuses me is that not all of these themes appear to be available on my installation of WordPress. Right now, I do not know if that is due to WordPress or my web hoster or a combination of both. Once I have got that worked out, I might well buy the professional version of HeatMap Pro – I am that impressed.