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Portable Gyms

I’ve got my eye on the hotgym – not because of the fact that I travel a lot, but more that it allows you to do pull ups (in my view one of the best exercises) without damaging door frames. Also, it can be packed down quite small (again this is the wife thing who does not like a lot of clutter :-)) For those interested in learning more, there is a youtube presentation (I’ve given the link so you can avoid some of those dodgy youtube items which were not what you were quite expecting), as well as a thread on this – which mainly discusses the price from not many people who have tried it… I go with the view that if you need this, you know how much you can spend – and like the 1 real person who used it said: it fills a niche.

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Plasma TVs do not seem too good on audio. My wife is quite fussy about cables. This is a potential minefield. For a long time, I’ve been waiting for soundbars to get good – and affordable. I’ve been watching the Yamaha range, as they have the Viera link for my Panasonic. However, recently I saw the Samsung soundbox: HW-C470. This seems to answer all the problems. Currently I’ve been very impressed with Samsung – I think they are focussing on the right things and doing them well.

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Beating the Darkness

One of the things that is really hard for Finns, let alone foreigners is the darkness over here.

When I was living in France and commuting to Finland, I would notice that if I stayed over the weekend in Finland, my energy levels would be lower than if I had spent the weekend in Finland. When I went back to France, I would feel almost forced to sit in the sun all day just to recover the energy. You really do not realize how important the sun is to your life until it is not there.

Using google, I found out that this is called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Funnily enough even people in Seattle get this!?

As I still travel quite a lot, I ended up buying a portable model from Philips: Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light. In short, it works (follow the instructions though). A year later we also bought one of the traditional energy lamps, but this is still really, really good.

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