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Nas continued…

I recently dug out my old slug and flashed it with unslung. I did this with the sercomm utility. As i had Windows 7, i used a virtual server with xp before it worked, as well as hard coding the ip address. I put the install into a Flash drive for speed and ran into the not a hdd bug – fix was to use easus to do ext3 formatting on win7.

I then added twonky. I have tested audio playback on atv2 (Apple tv) with xbmc, ps3, android twonky client and it played mp3, wma, m4a and aac ok. Video ok-ish, but not wihout stutters.

To see the tunes in iTunes, i then added mt-daapd. This adds a shared library in iTunes but does not seem to then share across to atv2.

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Posted by admin - May 22, 2011 at 16:30

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