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Buffalo LS-DHGL

There is an app on Apples appstore which is by Buffalo, called “WebAccess i HD”. When I run this with my LS-DHGL500 (version 2), I get the following error:

Error is “WebAccess version 2.0 or earlier not supported.” Unfortunately Buffalo will not be updating webaccess on this drive.

Meantime, if you did want to update the firmware to use the German site (that was the link). Make sure you download it quick as it already disappeared from the US site…. You might also want to download the 2.10 version too just in case. Not sure what advantages this brings, apart from PS3 bug fixes. However it appears to make the web interface a bit slower.

Meantime their new “SP Navigator” tool does not seem to work with my Buffalo. (30 October 2011)…. First run it does not find the NAS, second run it finds it, but then cannot log on.

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Posted by admin - October 30, 2011 at 09:09

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Nokia Lumia 800

Very smooth presentation from Stephen Elop and Kevin Shields on the Nokia Lumia and Asha (Asha means hope in Hindu apparently – which is great to provide recognition to what will be one of the mass markets, Lumia is a great name, but not so good in Spanish).

Some very clear differentiators too from the other WP manufacturers, proving that Nokia has worked very closely with Microsoft and vice-versa.

And some strong ecosystem partnerships – including Watson (I think I got that right) for the headphones.

The phones should be available now in select markets… however when you go to Vodafone UK, they are only available to pre-order in 8 days’ time… Orange took about 8 clicks to actually find where I could buy phones (really in these days??), but don’t seem to have anything on this…

Let’s watch the share price soar…

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Posted by admin - October 26, 2011 at 11:47

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Windows Memory

Why fix it when it’s not broken?

Windows has recently been complaining it is running out of memory and it wants to shut down applications. From googling, this appears to be when the threshold hits 75% of memory used (3Gb in my case, as I have 4Gb). I have been running for so long now without a page file and now suddenly I need one – which slows the computer down no end.

I have not yet found the answer I want (raising the threshold value), but will post it if I see it.

My guess is it came in “Update for Windows 7” (KB2616676 or KB2570791 or KB2607712), as I have not seen the error before then.


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Posted by admin - October 15, 2011 at 19:46

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Photo Sharing Sites

We have a dotphoto account. Used to be one of the best, but I wanted to check out how it rated now – especially as we have an iPad2 and AppleTV2 and I wanted to see how easy it was to share photos with these…

Best site I found was no1sites.

They rated top 10 as:

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Posted by admin - October 15, 2011 at 19:37

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