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FinnGo Help

I developed this on a day when it was -30C… and the first weekend I had my Lumia…


Hit a button, select some text, hold it down, then wait for the translation bubble to appear. Sometimes it appears very small, so you might need to enlarge the text. Right now the back button will exit the application.


Generally I find this is not as good as google translate, as I think google gets used more. I did try to use this originally. However there are a lot of blue bars that appear on the screen, so I switched back to Google translate.


This is not as good as it was on my Android device: the text is a lot smaller and background is not opaque, so it is quite hard to read.


Hopefully you’ll have fun. Otherwise use my html version.

I will be adding ads into this as soon as I get time to do that.



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Posted by admin - February 5, 2012 at 20:05

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