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win10 upgrade and rollback and upgrade

I had some problems upgrading to win10. I thought I would write down my experiences as I dont think I will be the only one 🙂

I had win8 on my personal laptop, so I decided to take advantage of the free upgrade offer to win10. I have a tool rmprepusb that allows you to boot the image off of a usb. As the iso for win10 is large, I decided to go that way and download it to the usb key, so I would have a way to do the upgrade on other computers.

Problem was that, even though I used the usb key and selected upgrade, it did not do an upgrade to win10, but instead did a new install. This meant that my license key was lost (forever?) and I was now in win10 without a license.

Luckily win10 comes with a rollback feature. Unluckily that did not work for me.

Dont panic.

The trick here is to look into c: drive and rename the windows.old directory. I then reinstalled a virgin win8 with a license key. Once I had that in place, I used my usb key to reboot and get a dos prompt and renamed the existing windows directory to windows.8new and copied the windows.old directory to be windows. Then rebooted into the machine again – and it all seemed to work ok (even had all my programs on the start menu, etc).

I then did the upgrade option for win10 (as I should have done right from the beginning).

I now have a legit license for win10.

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experiences of wp10: 14322

After 14295, I have got very desperate to get my bluetooth back. I live in Finland, and one of my sources of amusement is Radio4’s Now Show on podcast and a source of my knowledge is the mscloudshow. Without these, I was feeling quite inhuman. So I jumped to the Windows InsiderFast track and held my breath. Build 14322, here we come!

Initial impressions were exceptionally good. Podcasts back – phew! It mentioned a bug about missing spaces in sms and emails – but that has not affected me yet.

I do have 1 problem though: if the phone is not plugged in to a charger (can even be a mobile charger), it can reboot and suddenly lose all its charge. Literally it goes from 100% charged to 0% in less than 1 second. This only started happening this weekend. I have downloaded spotify and activated my enterprise SkypeForBusiness. However it does seem weird.

I will now do a reset and see if it happens again…

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experiences of wp10: 14295

Whoops. This build was a disaster for me, as it had a bug which prevented bluetooth audio from working properly.

If I understand the details from the web, the Microsoft Hello service had a bug. This is the service used when typing in a pin (so mandatory for every user in a secure enterprise) or the face recognition. The bug caused the phone to rescan for bluetooth devices constantly. 2 impacts for me: 1. heavy battery drain and 2. no more bluetooth in the car – calls or music.

My car (a6 ultra 2014) would find the device, load the contacts. Then I would make a call and either the phone did not react, or the call stopped whilst I was speaking, ie: the MMI showed the call was in progress, but no one heard me on the other end. More importantly, it stopped my podcasts and spotify from working.

I did various things early on as I did not realise this was a fault of the build and assumed it was me doing something silly. So I deleted the bluetooth profiles on the phone and car, reset the phone (wiping everything – note: backup your vidoes before wiping the sd card – they are not saved automatically to the cloud usually).

Going back a level, this was the first release of a new branch called redstone, which I understand is the branch for the anniversary build. I was on the InsiderSlow track, so did not expect to get such a drop. But I believe they needed it for Build! (Microsoft developer conference). It’s actually quite hard to find information on new builds. This is the best “first source” of info I know: windows experience blog.

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experiences of wp10: 10586

This was the last production build before the anniversary build – so around end March 2016.
Pretty stable and I would have stuck with it, but I forgot to switch off Windows Insider from InsiderSlow to ProductionBuilds 🙁
I went to a Microsoft Productivity Lab mid April 2016 and this was the build they were running on their Win10 machines.

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experiences of wp10: about me

This is a blog of my experiences with wp10.

Applications I use a lot: phone, sms, email, SkypeForBusiness, Edge, weather (I travel a lot and need to see information on sunrise and real feel temperatures).
In the car (audi a6 2014), huge bluetooth user, using: calls, podcasts, spotify, intune radio (radio riviera :-)), camera (for logging car miles – not a heavy user of camera otherwise).
Sport: Garmin Connect, Endomondo.

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Traveling with your baby by plane

As many of you frequent flyer parents know, many of the internet sites and magazines are full of advice and what is said in one country might be very different in another country. Being a frequent traveler family means that what is good according to your friends and colleagues back home may not end up working for you if the need is to be mobile.

We first went with a car seat from the same maker as our pram, Emmaljunga. Emmaljunga is a go to pram if you live in cold and snowy conditions (most of Scandinavia). When using the car seat (Emmaljunga First Class 0+ Base Car Seat) we always felt that the seat wasn’t quite right for us and additionally that the seat was slightly too big to carry around the airport and shops, especially for me. Then we got a car seat from our friend (Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix infant carrier) to borrow for our visit to the UK. After a week or so of usage we upgraded to the Maxi-Cosi Pebble. The Pebble has since travelled with us on several airlines and rental cars (with and without the ISOFIX base) and has been a perfect travel companion for us. It is slightly narrower than some car seats, making it a perfect fit for today’s airplane seats.

So, if you are a frequent traveller, here are a few questions to ask about an infant carrier or baby travel system before you decide what to buy unless you wish to end up with multiple child seats as we did.

1. Do I wish to travel with the baby by air – if the answer is yes, then look at the car seats approved by airlines which you most commonly fly with. Also check the width of the car seat: the Pebble is slightly narrower than the CabrioFix although both are approved by the airlines that we use commonly.
2. Who is most often carrying the car seat – if the mother is carrying the baby, check that the seat is manageable even with weight (take for example 8kg weight and place it onto the seat to test)
3. Does the main user have the patience to use the seat belts to attach the seat to the car – if not an isofix base is a must, but check if your car is isofix compatible. If travelling with taxis or rental cars frequently, a seat which can do both seatbelt and isofix sounds like a perfect match.
4. Do the accessories match your frequent travelling patterns – we have noticed that it is best to have a seat which provides the most frequently needed accessories for example a rain cover, mosquito net and summer cover for sunny and hot places.
5. Does the seat match to the pram/travel system/stroller which you are planning to buy? Nowadays adapters are frequently available but we noticed that some brands have adapters to more models and brands than others.
When travelling by plane with a child with an infant carrier, always check if the airline allows the carrier to be taken into the flight or only up to the gate. If a carrier is allowed to the plane, this might be time to show your loyalty card to see if you could have a row of three seats to yourselves.

A tip: fly on less packed flights and there is more likelihood that the baby carrier can be taken into the flight and there might be a seat available for the carrier between the parents’ seats.

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I am a keen traveller and spouse of a frequent traveller.

My purpose is to inspire parents with small children to travel. I also look forward to your comments and learning from any tips you might have when travelling with children.

Visas, insurances, taxation, social security and other procedures of frequent travel and assignments are very familiar topics to me as I work with global mobility, but, as a first time parent, my experiences were mostly of traveling with children were mostly from books rather than experience before our son was born. I am a firm believer of the importance of planning and to the fact that not all of us are the same. In my blog entries I try to give questions and checklists which you readers can then amend to your needs.

As many of us have been frequent travellers or even are still, I try to bring in comments where those hard earned miles and loyalty cards really pay off when travelling with children.

Thank you for all the bloggers for the inspiration and information. I would have been lost without you on my travels. See you at the airport!

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