Buffalo and itunes server mt-daapd

I noticed that I lost my linkstation in the itunbes shared section.

Having just opened up the telnet access (see my earlier post), I decided to analyze a bit…
ps -edf|grep daapd
threw up nothing… it should have shown the itunes server running. Similar thing for twonky.

I therefore added 2 lines into /etc/init.d/rcS (be careful when you do this… this is the same level of danger as changing your registry on windows or using msconfig on windows) and I added in 2 lines to start “itunes.sh start” and twonky.sh… I copied the telnet line just above so that it pipes the log to /dev/null.

Now I can see my linkstation in itunes again (and my twonky server).

BTW: twonky installs onto port 9001 on linkstation – not the 9000 default (that is pcast), nor the 9010 mentionned in the twonky setup file.