Buffalo LS-DHGL

There is an app on Apples appstore which is by Buffalo, called “WebAccess i HD”. When I run this with my LS-DHGL500 (version 2), I get the following error:

Error is “WebAccess version 2.0 or earlier not supported.” Unfortunately Buffalo will not be updating webaccess on this drive.

Meantime, if you did want to update the firmware to HS-DHGL_2.11_101b.zip use the German site (that was the link). Make sure you download it quick as it already disappeared from the US site…. You might also want to download the 2.10 version too just in case. Not sure what advantages this brings, apart from PS3 bug fixes. However it appears to make the web interface a bit slower.

Meantime their new “SP Navigator” tool does not seem to work with my Buffalo. (30 October 2011)…. First run it does not find the NAS, second run it finds it, but then cannot log on.