running in snow – icebug

These are the greatest invention ever: icebugs

They are shoes that allow you to run in the snow and ice, using retractable spikes. They are also waterproof. Only disadvantages:
1. heels are soft, so hard to get on and off without doing the shoe laces up
2. arch support (for me) was not so good.

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FinnGo Help

I developed this on a day when it was -30C… and the first weekend I had my Lumia…


Hit a button, select some text, hold it down, then wait for the translation bubble to appear. Sometimes it appears very small, so you might need to enlarge the text. Right now the back button will exit the application.


Generally I find this is not as good as google translate, as I think google gets used more. I did try to use this originally. However there are a lot of blue bars that appear on the screen, so I switched back to Google translate.


This is not as good as it was on my Android device: the text is a lot smaller and background is not opaque, so it is quite hard to read.


Hopefully you’ll have fun. Otherwise use my html version.

I will be adding ads into this as soon as I get time to do that.



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Nokia Lumia 800

Very smooth presentation from Stephen Elop and Kevin Shields on the Nokia Lumia and Asha (Asha means hope in Hindu apparently – which is great to provide recognition to what will be one of the mass markets, Lumia is a great name, but not so good in Spanish).

Some very clear differentiators too from the other WP manufacturers, proving that Nokia has worked very closely with Microsoft and vice-versa.

And some strong ecosystem partnerships – including Watson (I think I got that right) for the headphones.

The phones should be available now in select markets… however when you go to Vodafone UK, they are only available to pre-order in 8 days’ time… Orange took about 8 clicks to actually find where I could buy phones (really in these days??), but don’t seem to have anything on this…

Let’s watch the share price soar…

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Basic Finnish Lite Explanation

With some help from EXCEL and google translate, here’s the Basic list for Finnish. In a nutshell, these are the 850 key words in English that will help you rule the world – for more info, see Basic Finnish Explanation.

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Clone Wars 2

A calculated risk
Laskelmoitu riski

Choose what is right, not what is easy.
Valitse oikea tie, älä sitä tietä, joka on helpompi.

You know each other?
Tunnetteko toisenne?

Why do you ask for my opinion? You never do things my way.
Miksi kysyt mielipidettäni? Et koskaan tee niin kuin ehdotan.

Courage makes heroes, but trust builds friendship.
Rohkeus luo sankareita, mutta luottamus rakentaa ystävyyden.

whilst the jefi struggle to fight a war on many fronts.
samalla kun jedit taistelevat monella rintamalla.

A wise leader knows when to follow.
Viisas johtaja tietää, milloin noudattaa ohjeita.

If you ignore the past, you jeopardise the future.
Vaarannat tulevan, jos jätät menneen huomiotta.

Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.
Unohda katumus, muuten elämä menee ohi.

In war, truth is the first casualty.
Sodan ensimmäinen uhri on totuus.

Searching for the truth is easy. Accepting the truth is hard.
Totuuden etsiminen on helppoa. Totuuden hyväksyminen on vaikeaa.

War on many fronts
Sotaa monella rintamalla

Good luck
Lykkyä tykö

It is quite exciting
Tämä on jännittävää

Exciting is not the word i would use
En käyttäisi sanaa jännittävä

I think terrifying is more appropriate
Kauhistuttava sopisi paremmin

I learnt it from you
Opin sen sinulta

See you inside
Nähdään sisällä

You’ve done a wonderful job leading the effort
Olet tehnyt hienoa työtä kampanjan johtajana

I am just trying to do what is right
Yritän vain toimia oikein

To victories

Excellent idea
Erinomainen ajatus

I have no objections
En pane vastaan

I know exactly where to start
Tiedän, mistä aloittaa

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Clone Wars

At the beginning of each clone wars, there is a saying. Here’s a few…

For everything you gain, you lose something else.
Kaiken saavuttamansa vastineeksi menettää jotain muuta.

It is the quest for honour that makes one honourable
Kunnian tavoittelu tekee kunnialliseksi

Easy is not always simple
Helppo ei ole aina yksinkertainen

Now the chase is on
Nyt jahti alkaa tosissaan

Well at least we all live to fight another day
Ainakin voimme vielä jatkaa taistelua

Diabolical defeat
Hirvittävä häviö

En välitä politiikastanne
I do not care ajoit your politics

Are you ready?

Ready and waiting
Valmiina ja odottamassa

Just make sure you get it right
Varmista, että ne ovat oikein

I always do
Varmistan aina

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Finngo – “multi-platform”

I would like to get Finngo onto iPad and Nokia. Before I’ve got the code written, I thought I would do a quick web version, so that I can carry on using those platforms to translate Finnish. In case you need this “multi-platform” version of Finngo, here it is:

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Shopping List – Finland

In Finland, I spend most of my time here:

  • Verkokauppa (computers, tvs, etc – check out the discount corner at the back)
  • Stockmann (everything else, including books)

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Posted by admin - December 27, 2010 at 20:19

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Beating the Darkness

One of the things that is really hard for Finns, let alone foreigners is the darkness over here.

When I was living in France and commuting to Finland, I would notice that if I stayed over the weekend in Finland, my energy levels would be lower than if I had spent the weekend in Finland. When I went back to France, I would feel almost forced to sit in the sun all day just to recover the energy. You really do not realize how important the sun is to your life until it is not there.

Using google, I found out that this is called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Funnily enough even people in Seattle get this!?

As I still travel quite a lot, I ended up buying a portable model from Philips: Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light. In short, it works (follow the instructions though). A year later we also bought one of the traditional energy lamps, but this is still really, really good.

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Translation Services

I was watching BBC’s Click yesterday (second only to the Gadget Show). They were covering translation tools. Living in Finland is a really good test for these tools, as not many of them will support it. Anyhow they mentioned 2 companies: Jibbigo (unfortunately on iPhone and not covering Finnish) and ETCACO (does cover Finnish). ETCACO does 2 devices – both seem pretty good, but also pretty expensive: iPod like device and flagship device (with or without handheld scanner).

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