Skiing in Finland

Best place to see all the ski resorts in Finland:

If you ski with a buddy and want to tour round Finland, the card is well worth getting.

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Pubs – Finland

🙂 it’s a well cited joke amongst my friends that anywhere I go, I usually try to find some good pubs. I’ve deliberately delayed adding this post until I had a few more in the pot. But here is my list for Finland (mainly Helsinki area):

Aussie Bar is a good place which gets very lively after 22h, especially at weekends. This was my local for a while when I was working in Finland during the week. Also does Sky for the football freaks.

Molly Malone’s in Helsinki and now in Vantaa. Molly’s is one of the best places I know to meet new people, enjoy live music or disco – plus there are the regular IESEAF quizzes.

O’Malleys at the base of Torni is superb for live Irish music – on a Tuesday if I remember correctly. Good view of Helsinki from Torni as well.

Teatteri on Esplanadi is a very chilled place. It’s good on a Thursday to listen to the music and sip your gin and tonic.

Crazy German bar that I cannot remember the name of, but near Esplanadi. A small bit of Munchen beer festival in Helsinki.

Kaarle. I need say no more – great place.

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VOIP Calls – Part 2

So whilst looking at roaming sims, I thought I would also see if VOIP call technology or services had been updated. As well as the previous VOIP Call services I listed previously, I found 2 new ones (for me anyway): and Both work in roughly the same way (and there are other services that do the same thing too). Doing a quick browse it looked as though rebtel was the one that had been out longest – but it was a close contest. Of course both have iPhone and Android applications to simplify the process.

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Finnish Language Links – 1

If you have ever lived in Finland, you will know the language is more encrypted than a 512-bit AES https session. Below are some of the links I have found for learning Finnish for free: = supisuomea = selkouutiset (5 minutes, finnish news read very slowly and with transcript… can also get podcast) 
on itunes search for selkouutiset

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