American Revolution

American Revolution – why did America win?

I got History Channel’s History of America for Christmas. It has many things I did not know and includes many famous / important people speaking.

Here’s my take of why America won the Revolution after watching the documentary:
1. Smallpox. Smallpox came to the Americans whilst they were dug in at Valley Forge. 1000s of people died per week. Washington’s doctors used a cure mentioned by African slaves, which forms the basis of many innoculations today.
2. Changing rules. For first time ever, Washington’s men targetted the officers with snipers (after killing the scouts who had the local knowledge). Without the officers, the foot soldiers were leaderless. Simon Frasier was the first British officer to be killed in this way.
3. Baron von Steuben. Prussian general destroyed by his homosexual reputation. Managed to retrain Washington’s army. Brought order, discipline, hygiene, spirit. Relocated lavatories, kitchens, produced training manual (some still in use today). Introduced new technology: bayonnet.
4. Approach. von Steuben said other nations’ soldiers would just do what they were told. Washington’s men always had to be told why they were doing something before they did it.
5. Spies. Through use of a sophisticated spy network, Washington was able to save the French fleet, giving the rebels dominance at sea.

Extract from wikipedia:
Timothy Murphy shot and killed General Simon Fraser of Balnain on October 7, 1777 at a distance of about 400 yards.

And this shows the thinking of the time…
During the Battle of Brandywine, Capt. Patrick Ferguson had a tall, distinguished American officer in his iron rifle sights. Ferguson did not take the shot as the officer had his back to Ferguson, only later did Ferguson learn that George Washington had been on the battlefield that day.

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