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FinnGo on Win8: it’s in

It’s 15 minutes to midnight and approaching October 26 – and I just submitted my first Win8 app into the store. It’s been a tough journey, some notes:
– had to reinstall Win8 and Visual Studio this afternoon as the Win8 link was not RC/RTM but preview and that causes problems with Visual Studio
– had to pay another sum (37 EUR) to access the store… gotcha: you then need to enter the amount charged (in local currency – I thought it was the USD amount)
– submission process is much better, but takes a lot longer… it took me about 2 hours to package and do my icons/screenshots
– (not sure if this is my computer) had to hit the submit buttons up to 3 times before finishing
– description was marked incomplete and whatever I did, I could not work out what was wrong… gotcha: hit enter after typing in the caption for your screenshots
– store menu in Visual Studio is *very* nice. Did not work for me on last step (submit app – I did that directly from the dashboard), but other steps worked ok. Gotcha: store/create app package took some time: it launched the app about 6-7 times.

Screenshots required (although some are optional):
store logo 50×50
logo 150×150
wide 310×150
small 30×30
badge 24×24
splash 620×300
promotion 414×180
screenshot 1366×768

Once submitted, here’s a rough guide to next steps. Most have times in hours, except content compliance:
– pre-processing
– security tests
– technical compliance
– content compliance (7 days)
– release
– signing and publishing

Now hoping to get my elite status from Microsoft (for submission before Oct 26).

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Posted by admin - October 26, 2012 at 01:00

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An application-internal exception has occurred

When coding with Win8 and Visual Studio 2012, I get the following error: “An application-internal exception has occurred”. This is after I created a new win8 appstore project and added a grid view from the toolbox.

Looking at the output or the file (App.g.i.cs) gives me no more clues. There is a flag which seems to point the way: DISABLE_XAML_GENERATED_BREAK_ON_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION

In debug mode, I highlight the e and then in the “Locals” window at the bottom I can expand the variables to get the value of e, which is: Message “Cannot find a Resource with the Name/Key ApplicationHeaderForegroundThemeBrush [Line: 15 Position: 44]” string. This is in Common\StandardStyles.xaml. This has been auto generated with a new file, so looks as though this is a sync defect as the product goes to RTM.

Head banging continues…

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Posted by admin - October 25, 2012 at 15:07

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Win8 install with Visual Studio 2012 on Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.2

Trying to get an app into the Win8 store by end of tonight for the launch tomorrow (Oct 26)!

I started my win8 install yesterday thinking that everything should be stable to do some Visual Studio 2012 development. How wrong that was. It seems as though some of the versions are in RC/RTM and some are still in preview – which causes a few issues.

Specs: win8 = RC, but screen says Release Preview. Evaluation Copy. Build 8400. MS Visual Studio Web Express 2012 for Windows 8. Running on top of Oracle’s Virtualbox 4.2.2

For different vms (as not all, eg: virtualPC support Win8), read:

Gotcha when installing Win8 64-bit on VirtualBox – don’t use the Win8 64-bit setting, use standard Windows 8.

Gotcha on VisStudio license – use “visual studio express 2012 for windows 8”

Gotcha on getting Visual Studio working (error by error):
1. Error “The .Net Framework installed on this machine does not meet the minimum required version: 4.5.50709.” -> Enterprise Studio will not install as it does not have the right version of .net. To solve, follow: & look for text Wow6432Node
Gotcha: change ownership to Administrators, not Administrator.

2. “Error : DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. Windows cannot install package Microsoft.SDKSamples.ControlsWebView.CS because this package requires a higher Windows version. The package requested Windows version 6.2 with AppModel version 1, while the current Windows version is 6.2 with AppModel version 0. (0x80073cfd) Controls_WebView”
to solve this follow: & look for text AppModel
Gotcha: change ownership to Administrators, not Administrator.

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Posted by admin - October 25, 2012 at 15:01

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Windows phone app fest wowzapp is open for registration

Grab your laptop and get ready to code apps for windows phone 8! For Finland, register here: This will be a global event with 24-hour support. Lucky we are in the land of the coffee addicts 🙂

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Posted by admin - October 23, 2012 at 10:03

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forgotten keystore password for android apk signing

First tip: always remember your keystore password.

Keystore is used for signing apps before they are submitted to google’s playstore.
After about 6 months away from android, I had forgotten mine. If it is more than 5 characters (which it should be), it is pretty hard to crack. Luckily I remembered mine. But if not, then second tip is to check this page to recover your keystore password. Only works with Java 7 and above though. And probably takes ages. So don’t forget your password!

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Posted by admin - October 22, 2012 at 13:43

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admob vs adsense for mobile (AFM) – what is the difference?

I always get confused whether I should be using admob in my android code or adsense for mobile – but the answer is here (it’s admob for those who are impatient).

And what makes it even more confusing is the download for the admob sdk is from the google site.

And unfortunately there is no combined view of your earnings yet in adsense.

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Posted by admin - October 21, 2012 at 18:06

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unable to resolve target android-8

I recently upgraded to the latest version of the android sdk. I got an error: unable to resolve target android-8. This was corrected by going to Window/Android SDK manager and selecting Android 2.2 (API 8)

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Posted by admin - October 21, 2012 at 16:01

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could not find SDK folder android-sdk-windows

Upgrading to 6.2.1 of admobs, I got the following error: could not find SDK folder android-sdk-windows. It was fixed by changing the properties to android-sdk.

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Posted by admin - October 21, 2012 at 15:51

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revenue channels

Here’s a summary of the revenue channels I currently have.
google adsense
amazon associates

google admobs

Microsoft pub center

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Posted by admin - April 7, 2012 at 11:21

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rate it… rate apps with windows phone

This link was really hard to find…
Allows an application to launch the Windows Phone Marketplace client application and display the review page for the specified product.

Note, when I was running the emulator, I then got error: 805a0194. I am hoping that is because I am running this on the emulator…

Example code used:
MarketplaceReviewTask reviewTask = new MarketplaceReviewTask();

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Posted by admin - April 7, 2012 at 11:17

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