System.IO.FileNotFoundException System.Windows.Application.LoadComponent facebooklogin

If ever your windows phone crashes without any real explanation, check:
1. startup app in project properties is set (otherwise nothing runs)
2. capabilities are correct, otherwise exceptions happen

For example to load a page that refers to an external web page, you need to have the WEB capability set.
Otherwise you get a really confusing error>
System.IO.FileNotFoundException in your System.Windows.Application.LoadComponent call to your page calling the external page – which makes you think it is your namespace or page name that is wrong…

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facebook the first five

when I was writing my code for my facebook windows phone app, I noticed you can refer to people with a number and that Mark Zuckerberg was number 4… here’s the others:

4. Mark Zuckerberg, 4 Feb 2004, although timeline says 11 Feb 2004. Launched the wall on 5 Sept 2004
5. Chris Hughes, 17 Jan 2004
6. Dustin Moskovitz, 15 Jan 2004
7. Arie Hasit, 2004- (Arie signed up for facebook 3 weeks before the site started, according to his comment on 18 Jan 2004)
10.Marcel Laverdet, 2006-2011

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Facebook development for Windows Phone 8

Some examples below. Note, you need to get your own access tokens… to get this, go to sample queries and copy/paste the access token.


All about me (matches query in fb sample)

Profile = wall

profile of friend

get my friends
each friend has an id, eg: 4 is mark zuckerberg

friends page for more information

https://graph.facebook.com/{0}/picture?type={1}&access_token={2}”, id, “square”, _accessToken

of course, how you parse these things is a non trivial mess of IDictionary, JsonArray and JsonObject. However it does have a weird logic behind it, which makes it quite expandable. I’ll write a post on that later.

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