FinnGo Privacy Policy

FinnGo uses the internet to access the translation service and foreign web pages. These URLs are the only information transferred to an external server – all other data is stored locally. No personal information is transmitted.

Current data stored on your device:
Windows Phone = all data destroyed at end of session. No user data stored currently.
Windows 8 = all data destroyed at end of session. No user data stored currently.
Android = user can define their own urls and languages. This data is stored permanently on the device. It is not transmitted to external devices. This data can be accessed and modified by going to the menu/settings.

To my knowledge, the above complies with applicable laws and regulations. If you want to report a violation or are unsatisfied or want further information, please email to and I will fix it (timelines will depend on certification of the various app stores).

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Posted by admin - October 31, 2012 at 10:31

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FinnGo on Win8: it’s in

It’s 15 minutes to midnight and approaching October 26 – and I just submitted my first Win8 app into the store. It’s been a tough journey, some notes:
– had to reinstall Win8 and Visual Studio this afternoon as the Win8 link was not RC/RTM but preview and that causes problems with Visual Studio
– had to pay another sum (37 EUR) to access the store… gotcha: you then need to enter the amount charged (in local currency – I thought it was the USD amount)
– submission process is much better, but takes a lot longer… it took me about 2 hours to package and do my icons/screenshots
– (not sure if this is my computer) had to hit the submit buttons up to 3 times before finishing
– description was marked incomplete and whatever I did, I could not work out what was wrong… gotcha: hit enter after typing in the caption for your screenshots
– store menu in Visual Studio is *very* nice. Did not work for me on last step (submit app – I did that directly from the dashboard), but other steps worked ok. Gotcha: store/create app package took some time: it launched the app about 6-7 times.

Screenshots required (although some are optional):
store logo 50×50
logo 150×150
wide 310×150
small 30×30
badge 24×24
splash 620×300
promotion 414×180
screenshot 1366×768

Once submitted, here’s a rough guide to next steps. Most have times in hours, except content compliance:
– pre-processing
– security tests
– technical compliance
– content compliance (7 days)
– release
– signing and publishing

Now hoping to get my elite status from Microsoft (for submission before Oct 26).

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Posted by admin - October 26, 2012 at 01:00

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Windows Phone OS 7.5 – and the beginning of FinnGo!

Finally got everything working on Windows Phone… welcome to FinnGo on Windows 7!


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Posted by admin - March 25, 2012 at 18:06

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FinnGo Help

I developed this on a day when it was -30C… and the first weekend I had my Lumia…


Hit a button, select some text, hold it down, then wait for the translation bubble to appear. Sometimes it appears very small, so you might need to enlarge the text. Right now the back button will exit the application.


Generally I find this is not as good as google translate, as I think google gets used more. I did try to use this originally. However there are a lot of blue bars that appear on the screen, so I switched back to Google translate.


This is not as good as it was on my Android device: the text is a lot smaller and background is not opaque, so it is quite hard to read.


Hopefully you’ll have fun. Otherwise use my html version.

I will be adding ads into this as soon as I get time to do that.



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Posted by admin - February 5, 2012 at 20:05

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