portable laptop power pack innergie mcubepro

I travel a lot and companies nowadays don’t replace batteries unless there is only 10 minutes left. So I bought the innergie mCubePro about 1 year ago (I think it was on Finnair, BA or American Airlines – sorry to be so helpful).

I bought it for use with my Dell Latitude E5410, but it also works with my HP Envy dv6.

Power rating is 70W. My HP has a 120W powerpack. It says that it is not charging, but if you leave it alone, it does.

I have used it on the mains, in the car and on the aeroplane. One important thing for the aeroplane is that it requires the empower socket (but nowadays that should be ok). For more info on airplanes check out seatguru.

There are also tips for many different laptops.

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cool 1920×1080 samsung T22B300 monitor

As I am doing a bit of development now, I wanted to get a proper good (but cheap) monitor.
I bought the 1920×1080 samsung T22B300 monitor which also has a DVBC and DVBT tuner. Works brilliant with the hdmi on my HP Envy dv6. Unfortunately siloed design comes into play and you cannot have a VGA monitor and HDMI as the connectors cannot both physically fit into the sockets on the computer – doh!

Only other unfortunate thing is that the remote control also operates my Samsung monitor/TV for my desktop 🙁

I bought it 169EUR from Gigantti.

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facebook the first five

when I was writing my code for my facebook windows phone app, I noticed you can refer to people with a number and that Mark Zuckerberg was number 4… here’s the others:

4. Mark Zuckerberg, 4 Feb 2004, although timeline says 11 Feb 2004. Launched the wall on 5 Sept 2004
5. Chris Hughes, 17 Jan 2004
6. Dustin Moskovitz, 15 Jan 2004
7. Arie Hasit, 2004- (Arie signed up for facebook 3 weeks before the site started, according to his comment on 18 Jan 2004)
10.Marcel Laverdet, 2006-2011

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NFC Charging plate for Nokia Lumia 820

Got my NFC charging plate today for my Nokia Lumia 820. Overall I think this is good – but it’s not a travel accessory, better for your home base.

UK plug is huge – much bigger than the sleek charging plug provided in the Lumia pack.
Power plugs are not USB, so need yet a different set of cables. Although supplied with the pack, you can guarantee those will get lost… why did they not use USB?

No more putting USB connector into the phone (it’s led to some damage on other makes & models).
Really quite easy to charge (as long as the NFC plate is pointing the right way)

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My new HP Envy dv6 7200 EO and windows 8…

Copy of my post… will update later…

When I upgraded my hp envy dv6-7200EO from Win8 to Win8 Pro, there were 4 things that did not work:
1. cd/dvd drive – fixed by plugging in a cd drive onto the usb and then a rescan of hardware
2. PCI card reader – “Realtek PCIE Card Reader”, shown by PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_5229&SUBSYS_1818103C&REV_01
3. fingerprint reader – USB\VID_138A&PID_0018&REV_0078
4. acpi – “HP Wireless Button Driver”

The ids come from devicemgr/properties/detail/hardwareid.

TOPTIP: before doing anything with your hard drive, copy the c:\swsetup folder. This contains a copy of all the drivers 🙂 The HP product page does *not* have all the drivers: (plus you get into a whole load of problems around installing .net framework, only for the “let hp recommend” assistant to not work).

For the items above, here are the paths in swsetup. In almost all cases, just launch setup.exe:
2. C:\SWSetup\Drivers\Misc
3. C:\SWSetup\Drivers\Fingerprint
4. C:\SWSetup\Drivers\HPWBD

PS: I will try to post my experiences to my blog: shortly… it’s been a very dark few days… some things I have done:
1. updated to windows pro (for bitlocker) – although HP does not seem to have TPM, seems to work ok. used usb boot.
2. updated to samsung 840 pro ssd (for fast encryption) – gave up on their migration software (now written by clonix) and reinstalled win8 from scratch
3. swapped cd drive to original seagate hard drive which came with hp
4. was going to swap out memory, but Amazon sent me wrong memory 🙁
5. updated bios to F13 from F12 (takes a very long time – ie: 3 minutes of black screen with an SSD drive at first start up and then when it had flashed everything)

For those techies out there, the HP support assistant provides some very good tech info (including speed of RAM). Also for MSDN suscribers, download Win8 retail for the Pro version (otherwise looks as though the only Pro version available is VL, which is not the case).

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win8 start menu

I am missing the jump list on win8. I downloaded Pokki after reading this cnet article.

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Posted by admin - December 4, 2012 at 14:26

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Exporting outlook contacts

I was trying to export my outlook contacts. I tried to copy/paste them into my hotmail account. However I got an error: “Cannot complete the copy operation. The items may have been moved or deleted, or you may not have sufficient permission.”

The error is very misleading. What is actually happening is that the form for Outlook is much more extensive than that for hotmail. It cannot find all the fields and therefore says that there is a problem. I did try an export of the data (if I remember right it is in the advanced options of import?!). However that took way too long and I risked losing data.

So what was the solution? I subscribed to office365… bit costly, but with 3500 contacts in my address book, I think it is worth it…

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Posted by admin - November 30, 2012 at 18:48

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Nokia Lumia 820

Loving my new #Nokia #Lumia #820.

WHY I LOVE NOKIA LUMIA 820 (as oppose to other win8 phones) – my top 4:
1. back cover can be removed / replaced… carphone currently selling NFC back cover (& free NFC charge pad)
2. expandable mini-SD (but see below)
3. Great screen.
4. Front facing camera, ready for Skype – if it ever stabilizes

WHY WP? Basically I love:
1. motion engineering paradigm. Microsoft guy explained they have motion engineers. This is all about what happens when you interact with the phone, for example the phone swiping, etc.
2. social integration. This is a really key thing: all my facebook, linkedin, outlook contacts and calendar events in 1 place. Very easy search telling me my interactions with people before I call them
3. nokia radio. creating my own (multiple) radio mixes of my favourite artists

Carphone warehouse does sim-free for 380 GBP. My suggestion is ring up the shops and check stock. I got mine from an out of town store near Oxford – they had only received 1 Nokia Lumia 820 and I got it. No other stores in Oxford had stock. Reading had also ran out. The guy in Reading town center said they had sold 20s of units.

1. Distribution. Common story though: Nokia sales distribution channels are very poor in UK, stock is not really reaching shops and sales support is not reaching some of those shops – luckily the phone almost sells itself!
2. SD card. Few glitches with the mini SD card – some don’t work and I bought a new one with the phone. I bought a sandisk 32Gb originally which did not work – but then carphone warehouse tested in another phone, decided the SD card was fried and replaced it. The new one works fine.
3. Spotify. Cannot find the app yet – however found all my other apps. Phone seems to be coded to UK marketplace even though I use a Finnish live id (I can download t-mobile app, but not Elisa Viihde).
4. The carphone warehouse free Win8 upgrade offer did not have the sticker on the box, so not quite sure how that works as I need a code to get that working – luckily the carphone warehouse guy is very good and following up.
5. Charger. There is a fake plastic earth on the charger plug which did not seem to work on one of my plugs (but worked on the other)
6. NFC charger. This needs to be delivered to either carphone warehouse or to a UK home address, is shipped by courier and usually arrives in 1-2 days.

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hellofax – evernote fax service

This week I came up against one of the old world problems. I wanted to reverse some BA points on my frequent flyer card. I rang up BA. They said I needed to send a fax (I gave up right away on the other option, send a letter). Unbelievable. Their back office has no external email, you cannot ring them, you need to send a fax!? Of course they are not the only service that still requires fax (my French bank for example).

I’ve looked at so many of these services, but none of them come close to what I want: something cheap to send the occasional fax when I really cannot do anything else. Well here’s the latest I am trying (as part of Evernote):

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outlook search catalog missing pst

My mail policy with outlook is that I archive to a pst file and rename it every six months. Then after the six months I enter a new name for the archive file and start all over again…

However I struggled to get the outlook search working to find the emails in that folder. Opening Indexing Options from control panel was useless – in earlier versions, it used to list what files were searched. However now it just shows the directory – which if all your pst archive files are in the same folder, then it really does not help.

If you run up regedit and go to:

It lists all the pst files.

Simply add new “binary value” and enter the path to the pst (like the other folders). Do not enter data for the new binary value key… that will be done automatically.

Now start searching and you are away.

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