Current configurations

Quick update on my blogging experiences so far…

TECHNOLOGY: 1) host provider: webhostinghub (found on webhostinggeeks), 2) blogging engine: wordpress, 3) the theme: LightWord by Andrei Luca

LESSONS LEARNT (I am a consultant, so only going to list the top 5 :-)):

  1. There are a lot of comments to edit (I am up to about 220 over 6 months). I need to get some kind of glyph verification to knock some of the spammers out. Very, very few of the comments (5%?) are actually real and worthwhile.
  2. Technology is very good… some problems with doing edits on my HTC Desire. Also number of comments does not show up well on the HTC Desire.
  3. Things to do: some trackbacks into my blog, sort out the adsense as it is quite naff at the moment. 
  4. The amount of revenue I have earned could maybe buy me a mars bar… but that is probably due to points outlined in things to do.
  5. I am currently writing a google app… I want to use ads in that and – from what I understand – the fact that I have created an adsense id on my blog is going to help me loads… there’s a lot of problems for people out there with people who are trying to get an adsense account just for their mobile app development.