disable automatic send on outlook 2013

To disable automatic send on outlook 2013:
1. Alt-f
2. T (for Options)
3. Advanced
4. Scroll down to section “send and receive”
5. Hit send/receive button
6. uncheck everything in this window, eg: “include this group in send/receive (f9)”
7. close

Items are still received automatically.
When you send items though, you either need to click the send/receive all button on the command ribbon OR go to outbox and hit shift+F9 (to sync just that folder).

To delay emails, I use this mode and then open them before doing a general send. This puts them into a draft-like format inside outbox. You then need to open them and hit send (or alt-S again).

There is an option for each email to delay sending, but you have to do it for each email and it is a bit slow

Do NOT create a folder in outbox where you could temporarily save these emails – they then become orphaned and I guess the only way to get rid of them is by deleting the .ost (this is prefectly safe and I have done it a number of times).

I would not recommend double-click treatment for calendar invites. At least in earlier versions of outlook, this removed them.