Driver Updates – 2

I bought DriverEasy in the end.

Looking back though I think the proper problem solving should have been:

1. go into device manager and turn off power management on the network & bluetooth stack. (Find the right icon, then double click for properties – the right icons will have a tab called “power management”, eg: Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module, and uncheck “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. I think this would get rid of the 9F BSOD.

2. don’t use the driver verifier (in my case) – I clearly have something that sits on top of the virtual HID that is not working well. I suspect it might be the cdrom.sys – but let’s see. Note, I only saw the C9 when I was using the driver verifier.

3. meantime, I saw that I had an IBM LeNovo driver there somewhere with Driver Easy… not sure where that comes from…