experiences of wp10: 14295

Whoops. This build was a disaster for me, as it had a bug which prevented bluetooth audio from working properly.

If I understand the details from the web, the Microsoft Hello service had a bug. This is the service used when typing in a pin (so mandatory for every user in a secure enterprise) or the face recognition. The bug caused the phone to rescan for bluetooth devices constantly. 2 impacts for me: 1. heavy battery drain and 2. no more bluetooth in the car – calls or music.

My car (a6 ultra 2014) would find the device, load the contacts. Then I would make a call and either the phone did not react, or the call stopped whilst I was speaking, ie: the MMI showed the call was in progress, but no one heard me on the other end. More importantly, it stopped my podcasts and spotify from working.

I did various things early on as I did not realise this was a fault of the build and assumed it was me doing something silly. So I deleted the bluetooth profiles on the phone and car, reset the phone (wiping everything – note: backup your vidoes before wiping the sd card – they are not saved automatically to the cloud usually).

Going back a level, this was the first release of a new branch called redstone, which I understand is the branch for the anniversary build. I was on the InsiderSlow track, so did not expect to get such a drop. But I believe they needed it for Build! (Microsoft developer conference). It’s actually quite hard to find information on new builds. This is the best “first source” of info I know: windows experience blog.