experiences of wp10: 14322

After 14295, I have got very desperate to get my bluetooth back. I live in Finland, and one of my sources of amusement is Radio4’s Now Show on podcast and a source of my knowledge is the mscloudshow. Without these, I was feeling quite inhuman. So I jumped to the Windows InsiderFast track and held my breath. Build 14322, here we come!

Initial impressions were exceptionally good. Podcasts back – phew! It mentioned a bug about missing spaces in sms and emails – but that has not affected me yet.

I do have 1 problem though: if the phone is not plugged in to a charger (can even be a mobile charger), it can reboot and suddenly lose all its charge. Literally it goes from 100% charged to 0% in less than 1 second. This only started happening this weekend. I have downloaded spotify and activated my enterprise SkypeForBusiness. However it does seem weird.

I will now do a reset and see if it happens again…