Ford Focus 1.6D ZETEC

Summary: 7/10

Space: 8/10 – fitted our large suitcase, 1 holdall and 2 carry ons
Security: 10/10 – boot contents hidden, central locking easy to use (and automated if I remember)
Fuel: 7/10 – consumption ok, not spectacular. Filling up was a bit of a nightmare, no screw off cap and you had to put the pump end in and then turn 30 degrees anti clockwise before it would fill.
Visibility: 7/10 – no radar, no obvious blindspots, but was hard to see everything backing out
Sexiness: 9/10 – quite a few comments from the neighbours who wanted to see the car

Plastic. Car had been crashed on left side before our trip. Somehow this had affected the black plastic that runs under the front and back left passenger doors and it fell off once (!) Seemed simple to clip in and did not fall off again.
Key. Someone had wrecked the key and the rental tag fell off.
Location. Hertz Heathrow, UK. Date: Christmas 2012.