Getting Started… Blogging

So I guess the first blog is about the tech used on this site.

Google provided me a list of best webhosting sites from: I am always slightly suspect about these things (sometimes the review site is just a front for the web hosts that they recommend). However the proof will be in the pudding. So far, so good… I tested WebHostingHub out by using their online chat support and going in via tech (rather than sales)… very fast reply and switched me quickly to someone else (without any need to explain the background again)… all very polite. The only thing that could be faulted (apart from the promise to jump to $9 per month at end of contract) was the activation… I do not live in US and apparently they were having trouble contacting me by phone… however a quick VOIP call solved that one.

WordPress is a no-brainer… seems to be one of the best blogging tools out there. Installation was *really* quick. Biggest challenge was choosing the template. I installed in an independent directory off of the main (/blog) as I am still not sure about what effect it has on the main site…

And this is even auto-saving as I write, very good.