Global newspaper and magazines

No matter what you say, the iPad is the device with the most applications. The one that has got me most excited right now are the magazine / newspaper ones. Like most expats, I have spent most of my life living away from my home country but paying huge amounts to read about my home country a few days later – or wanting to read about US gadget-life but not wanting to shell out the 10 EUR or so each time to do that.

About a year ago, I gave in and started subscribing to T3 (gadget magazine, Uk version) and BusinessWeek (love it, but never get time to read it all). This has really made my life over here in Finland, as well as the BBC tech show Click.

Now I have an iPad. Suddenly I have electronic versions of the Times (Bricks and Mortar, I missed you), Sunday Times (Appointments and Travel section). My BusinessWeek can be read now on the day it is published – instead of arriving 5 days later in Finland. The great find last week was that I could subscribe to a year of US Wired for 13 GBP!!

Of course now I have the challenge that I really wanted to get to the point where I was reading the Finnish Sunday magazines – and now there is just too much to read! It’s a positive problem as we say at our consulting company.

And the final thing is, I actually enjoy flipping through the paper… lost Saturday mornings at WH Smiths in the town centre when I was young… and now Stockmanns…