I lost my Apple TV (ATV/iTV) remote. Here is what to do next…

A few options – most require some pre-prep…
1. PRE-PREP. make sure you have turned on home sharing and you know what the userid is. SOLUTION: Then you can download the remote app from apple: https://www.apple.com/apps/remote/
2. PRE-PREP. add a bluetooth keyboard – better for searches anyway.
3. PRE-PREP. program another remote (eg: your dvd player): http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201856 – make sure you do not program the power button (because then you can use same remote for apple tv as well as dvd)
4. PRE-PREP. buy a universal remote – I had a Logitech Harmony 550. I had to update s/w: http://support.logitech.com/product/harmony-550-advanced-universal-remote. Setting you use is Media Center.
** top tips for #4 ***
If after updating your Harmony Remote the Apple TV does not respond, please follow these steps:
1. Press the Device button on your Harmony.
2. Select the Apple TV. It will be listed as a Media Center PC.
3. Hold the Harmony within 3 inches of the Apple TV.
4. From the LCD of your Harmony, select the command Unpair.

The Apple TV should now respond to your Harmony Remote. Problem is that this then replaces the AppleTV remote (which we found later :-)) But it is simple job to add it back again (which of course then removes the Logitech :-~)