I am a keen traveller and spouse of a frequent traveller.

My purpose is to inspire parents with small children to travel. I also look forward to your comments and learning from any tips you might have when travelling with children.

Visas, insurances, taxation, social security and other procedures of frequent travel and assignments are very familiar topics to me as I work with global mobility, but, as a first time parent, my experiences were mostly of traveling with children were mostly from books rather than experience before our son was born. I am a firm believer of the importance of planning and to the fact that not all of us are the same. In my blog entries I try to give questions and checklists which you readers can then amend to your needs.

As many of us have been frequent travellers or even are still, I try to bring in comments where those hard earned miles and loyalty cards really pay off when travelling with children.

Thank you for all the bloggers for the inspiration and information. I would have been lost without you on my travels. See you at the airport!