is hgvc good?

There’s a few time shares out there linked into hotels. I’ve got a friend who has a Marriott deal and he seems pretty happy with that. We went for hgvc. Why?

We stay at a lot of hotels anyway – usually either Hilton or Radisson (although this clearly does not help with Radisson). The membership provides us with gold membership for life, good points conversion (West 57th has a higher points conversion than most other hgvc properties), free breakfast & internet in hgvc and Hilton locations. My favourite is that Central Park is just 2 blocks up and there are some really good places in the neighbourhood. Resell value of West 57th still remains high on ebay, etc. Every time we go there, we get asked to a sales meeting to discuss our investment (and more to discuss whether we would like to upgrade or buy something else) – but those meetings also have their benefits.

Downsides: you need to pay maintenance every year (we pay approx 1000 USD). When booking there are some extra charges (approx 100 USD) that you need to pay.

Overall: I am very happy still with the deal. If you want to find out more views from other owners, then check out tugbbs, Judi’s page and wikipedia.