Kitchen Aid: Ice Cream Mixer (KICA)

One of the advantages of travelling around a lot is that you can take advantage of various sales & price disconnects between nations (whilst being careful clearly not to spend too much so that you go over the tax limits of the respective countries). You also need to watch out for electricity differences and voiding warranties for using objects outside of the US. 

We were in Paris some time agao and my wife saw an advert for a Kitchen Aid on the back of a bus from an electronics store called Saturn (I’ve since seen them in Germany too). So we bought the mixer, as it was more than half price of those in Finland!? 

Then, when I was in Macy’s in the US, they had specials on Kitchen Aid (as it is really big over there) and we bought the ice cream mixer as it said it would fit all Kitchen Aids everywhere. Unfortunately the American mixer has a dífferent beater shaft (on the main mixer) than some of the other countries. Kitchen Aid are working to correct the manual. However in the meantime, they are helping out fix some of the issues people are having. Despite people suggesting filing/removing the bits that stick out, you do *not* need to do anything mechanical… you just need a new drive assembly. 






Compare page 7 (of 60)  in US manual with page 6 (of 16) in European manual, called 5KICA0WH.pdf. Check out kitchen aid and these images… 


You need to get a drive assembly (specific to the ice cream maker) that attaches to the beater shaft (on the mixer). For our French mixer to fit to our US ice cream maker, we needed kitchen aid drive assembly 9709419. Sometimes they mention you also need a dasher (specific to the ice cream mixer) – we did not. If you do need the dasher, I *think* the part is 9709415. 

So here’s some suggestions… 

1. for time being (and probably temporarily) email, mark the email for the attention of Cheryl who is being an absolute angel at the moment. Ideally, you need the serial number of your Kitchen Aid and she can send you the missing part. 

2. or you can find various people to sell you the part (about 40GBP or 70 EUR):,, 


If you want to read more on this (and connect into some pretty icecream-tastic sites:,, 

and of course the *massive* thread on Facebook under Kitchen Aid and Cheryl…

UPDATE 26/3: we recently received the parts from Kitchen Aid. Parts arrived very quickly (2 weeks?) and fitted perfectly… wish I had not spent the 50EUR on the German site now…