Nokia Lumia 820

Loving my new #Nokia #Lumia #820.

WHY I LOVE NOKIA LUMIA 820 (as oppose to other win8 phones) – my top 4:
1. back cover can be removed / replaced… carphone currently selling NFC back cover (& free NFC charge pad)
2. expandable mini-SD (but see below)
3. Great screen.
4. Front facing camera, ready for Skype – if it ever stabilizes

WHY WP? Basically I love:
1. motion engineering paradigm. Microsoft guy explained they have motion engineers. This is all about what happens when you interact with the phone, for example the phone swiping, etc.
2. social integration. This is a really key thing: all my facebook, linkedin, outlook contacts and calendar events in 1 place. Very easy search telling me my interactions with people before I call them
3. nokia radio. creating my own (multiple) radio mixes of my favourite artists

Carphone warehouse does sim-free for 380 GBP. My suggestion is ring up the shops and check stock. I got mine from an out of town store near Oxford – they had only received 1 Nokia Lumia 820 and I got it. No other stores in Oxford had stock. Reading had also ran out. The guy in Reading town center said they had sold 20s of units.

1. Distribution. Common story though: Nokia sales distribution channels are very poor in UK, stock is not really reaching shops and sales support is not reaching some of those shops – luckily the phone almost sells itself!
2. SD card. Few glitches with the mini SD card – some don’t work and I bought a new one with the phone. I bought a sandisk 32Gb originally which did not work – but then carphone warehouse tested in another phone, decided the SD card was fried and replaced it. The new one works fine.
3. Spotify. Cannot find the app yet – however found all my other apps. Phone seems to be coded to UK marketplace even though I use a Finnish live id (I can download t-mobile app, but not Elisa Viihde).
4. The carphone warehouse free Win8 upgrade offer did not have the sticker on the box, so not quite sure how that works as I need a code to get that working – luckily the carphone warehouse guy is very good and following up.
5. Charger. There is a fake plastic earth on the charger plug which did not seem to work on one of my plugs (but worked on the other)
6. NFC charger. This needs to be delivered to either carphone warehouse or to a UK home address, is shipped by courier and usually arrives in 1-2 days.