portable laptop power pack innergie mcubepro

I travel a lot and companies nowadays don’t replace batteries unless there is only 10 minutes left. So I bought the innergie mCubePro about 1 year ago (I think it was on Finnair, BA or American Airlines – sorry to be so helpful).

I bought it for use with my Dell Latitude E5410, but it also works with my HP Envy dv6.

Power rating is 70W. My HP has a 120W powerpack. It says that it is not charging, but if you leave it alone, it does.

I have used it on the mains, in the car and on the aeroplane. One important thing for the aeroplane is that it requires the empower socket (but nowadays that should be ok). For more info on airplanes check out seatguru.

There are also tips for many different laptops.