visual studio source control with team foundation server (tfs)

microsoft are currently providing free use of team foundation server for teams of 5 or less. there are some warnings that indicate they might make this a chargeable service later, but for now take advantage 🙂

btw, if you are wondering why you should use source control, then go off and do your homework. source control is vital. period. if you are wondering why you should use tfs, my thinking is it is an MS tool so will work well with visual studio and for now it is free. when it changes from being free, I will look into github.

this is the way I use it:
open internet explorer (chrome does not always seem to work)
sign in, preferably with your live id (whichever you use on the store)
if you cannot remember your repository, go to account and it is listed there, eg:
create “New Team Project” – I usually give same name as my project
open visual studio
in solution explorer
click on solution, right click add to source control and select your project
click on solution, check in and provide a label

As you edit files, it does an automatic check out. When you close file/solution/application, it will check in the files.

I have not yet worked out:
LABELS. how to label the code so that I could get version or version of the files I submitted to microsoft marketplace, but will figure that out when needed.
BUILD. you can launch builds on the tfs server, but they never seem to work for me. as I am only 1 developer right now, I am not too worried about this.