VOIP Calls

Living abroad, it’s crucial to be able to make cheap calls back home. I also don’t always have my laptop with me, so some of the traditional solutions have been out of the question until recently.

For my Nokia E71, the best solution I have found is Vopium (some time I will try to work out if I can get any money if someone then subscribes off that link, but for now it’s purely charitable :-)). This allows me to ride over my data-unlimited plan, display my own number to the caller (as well as on sms). Every time I dial it asks me if I should use Vopium or normal phone, so really well integrated. Best of all, calls to the UK landlines are about 3p a minute. Start of connection can be a bit funny – friends have complained that there are a few random beeps. But otherwise it works fine.

I have tried it out on my new HTC Desire (with Froyo). However it is not as well integrated on that phone, so I will probably not use it there.

Another essential for phoning is a global sim card. I guess that will be the next post.