Win8 Hardware

I went to an MS conference here in Finland. As well as seeing the home screen of the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 (Nokia weren’t allowed to show anything else), I saw some of the OEM offerings for Win8. My favourite form factor is definitely the laptop combination where the screen slides off to become a tablet. I also definitely want Win8 Pro and not RT, so the first version of the Surface is a no-go.

Some of the machines in that area:
1. HP Envy X2. Upsides: guerilla glass, NFC, beats audio. Downside: 1.8GHz CPU and no USB 3.0 (unbelievable). Availability December 2012
2. Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro. Upside: USB3.0. Downside: very little information.
3. acer iconia w700 (W700P-6821). Upside: USB 3.0, full resolution
4. asus transformer book. Upside: i7, USB 3.0, full resolution
5. dell xps 12 or dell xps duo 12. I don’t like this form factor (I can imagine being hit quite hard on the head)