Win8 install with Visual Studio 2012 on Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.2

Trying to get an app into the Win8 store by end of tonight for the launch tomorrow (Oct 26)!

I started my win8 install yesterday thinking that everything should be stable to do some Visual Studio 2012 development. How wrong that was. It seems as though some of the versions are in RC/RTM and some are still in preview – which causes a few issues.

Specs: win8 = RC, but screen says Release Preview. Evaluation Copy. Build 8400. MS Visual Studio Web Express 2012 for Windows 8. Running on top of Oracle’s Virtualbox 4.2.2

For different vms (as not all, eg: virtualPC support Win8), read:

Gotcha when installing Win8 64-bit on VirtualBox – don’t use the Win8 64-bit setting, use standard Windows 8.

Gotcha on VisStudio license – use “visual studio express 2012 for windows 8”

Gotcha on getting Visual Studio working (error by error):
1. Error “The .Net Framework installed on this machine does not meet the minimum required version: 4.5.50709.” -> Enterprise Studio will not install as it does not have the right version of .net. To solve, follow: & look for text Wow6432Node
Gotcha: change ownership to Administrators, not Administrator.

2. “Error : DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. Windows cannot install package Microsoft.SDKSamples.ControlsWebView.CS because this package requires a higher Windows version. The package requested Windows version 6.2 with AppModel version 1, while the current Windows version is 6.2 with AppModel version 0. (0x80073cfd) Controls_WebView”
to solve this follow: & look for text AppModel
Gotcha: change ownership to Administrators, not Administrator.