writing your own kindle book or self-publishing

One of my ideas has been to create my own book. I know what it would be called, I know most of the content – I just don’t know how to do it, nor have the time right now. Well part 1 solved thanks to Lisa Sabin-Wilson. She has a really good presentation on self-publishing at slideshare.

The 1 URL to remember: https://kdp.amazon.com (amazon even do a free book on how to self-publish).

Key notes are:
2 weeks for TOC
4 months for chapters
1-2 months of Author review by copy editors, tech editors, project editor (queries, phrasing, clarify, technical info)
roughly 6 months to write a book
chapters = 10-12 pp, 5-15 images
1 chapter = 5-8 hours
goal: 2-3 chapters per week
15-20 hours per week

plus think about: public speaking, interviews, book signings, webinars, guest blogging, marketing and promotion
plan for marketing, frequent reprints, future editions
communicate schedule

Some tools:
http://lulu.com = iBookstore
http://createspace.com (amazon)